Luxury Body Care

Pamper your body, and delight your senses

Your body is your temple—honor it with the love, respect and care it deserves. COPPER+CRANE™ is your indulgent source for the finest luxury body care from a rich cleansing spa milk to a charcoal body wash—that allow you to embark upon a journey to softer, smoother and more supple skin. COPPER+CRANE body care includes the finest luxury body lotion, body soufflé, high-end moisturizer and more. After your bath or shower, you may choose to massage in the Silkening Body Oil. When you really want to indulge, combine the Silkening Body Oil and the Melting Body Soufflé. The body soufflé is a whipped body butter that combines the essence of magnolia with almond and avocado oils and is whipped into an exquisite cream. The Satin Body Nectar is a luxury body lotion that both soothes and nourishes. Another option after a bath or shower is the Exfoliating Body Gelée. You can pair the body exfoliating gel with the Charcoal Body Polish or Jojoba Body Buff once or twice a week for glowing, smooth skin. The Charcoal Body Polish penetrates your pores to detoxify and purify your skin. The Jojoba Body Buff offers a sophisticated scrub with a captivating aroma of floral amber. You may also decide that the best way to put a finishing touch on your spa experience is to indulge in the Warming & Cleansing Body Oil. You may find it so soothing on your wet skin that you’ll decide to use it as a shaving oil.