A Mother Admires Her Shooting Star


It’s late.
I’ve used up everything I had today.
I may just sit in this tub for an hour—to relax the muscles, wash off the layers of dirt, and to bask in the glory of a day I’ll always cherish.
She was relentless.
There was no fear.
No sign of fatigue.
She gave no hint that she ever doubted herself for even a second.
We climbed. Wove through brush. Careened from rock to rock.
And climbed.
The sun was as relentless as she was. 97 degrees in the shade… when you could find any. No matter how much water we drank, we were parched five minutes later.
But she never slowed down. As we passed other adventurers—and, yes, we left a lot of them in the dust--they’d pause to look. Even they noticed. They’d come to see something spectacular. And they did, as she blew by them with a purposeful urgency. I caught a few raising an eyebrow. I probably would’ve done the same had I been in their shoes.
As we got closer to the zenith, the switchbacks tight and steep, she never held her hand out once for help.
I knew we were close.
And when we came around that last bend, the rocks opened up to reveal Delicate Arch in all its late-afternoon glory.

She stared. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. She never said. I was soaking it all in, too.
In awe of the perfect golden light on the rocks.
In awe of what wind and water had done over millions of years.
In awe of the fierce determination of this 3-year-old girl who had done the entire hike on her own without ever slowing down.
She looked up. “Mommy, I’m tired. Will you hold me?”
There is no better reward at this moment than sitting here in this exquisite tub and embracing every detail of my spa ritual.
As I lather and gently rub in this smooth and silky Spa Bar, I can feel my muscles slowly loosening. They were worked today. After all, she was so tired from her victory march that I carried her from the arch all the way back to the car. For that last half mile, the moonlight lit our journey.
Stepping out of the tub, I reach for the Melting Body Soufflé. Blended with rich, nourishing oils, the soufflé perfectly quenches my skin’s thirst for replenishment.
I can feel my skin recovering as I stare out into night. Distant beacons of light glistening.
And then… a shooting star!
I adjusted my gaze to look at the bed a few feet away… my little girl tucked in and passed out.
She was a shooting star today.
It was a perfect day.