"HYDRATING DEW MIST" "$20.00" "https://d3f8e2yx8gxglk.cloudfront.net/adaptivemedia/rendition?id=00af7d9e5b05482e13df925adb1b311b98c0a9e9&vid=00af7d9e5b05482e13df925adb1b311b98c0a9e9&prid=65Wx65H&clid=SAPDAM" "inStock" "USD" "Indulge in the essence of bloomed cedar. Feel refreshed and moisturized day and night and on the go! This silky mist is a delightful pick-me-up that gives your skin a much-needed boost of hydration so you always have that soft, dewy, and radiant skin you love.

• dermatologist tested
• hypoallergenic
• paraben and sulfate free
• cruelty free. no animal testing"