The COPPER+CRANE Evening Ritual


How does one find balance, fulfillment and serenity after a hectic day that can be diametrically opposed to those tenets of wellbeing? The answer is revealed in the stars; that is to say, seize time to enshrine a spiritually cleansing nighttime ritual of discovery, relaxation and tranquility at home. This is the 6-step immersive evening ritual from the maker of COPPER+CRANE. 

When you’re ready to begin your inner journey to an evening of balance, yoga offers a sweeping connection to wellness. Physically, of course, yoga increases flexibility and strength. Many also ascribe mental and spiritual benefits. There are numerous rewarding variations, but for an evening ritual with the goals of finding a peaceful balance and achieving a restful sleep, you’d be best served to find a less strenuous routine focused on reaching peace and clarity. Stretch the body. Feed the mind. Heal the soul. 

Once you’ve lifted the muscle-tightening stress of your day, it’s time to lift away impurities. Treat your skin to the sophisticated fragrance and restorative powers of the COPPER+CRANE Radiance Mask--blending pomegranate extract, mangosteen , and the camu camu superfood to assist in optimum skin health. There’s also a splendid surprise the first time you use it due to its striking color that serves as a reminder that COPPER+CRANE creations deliver unique journeys to beauty and wellness. 

As the sunlight wanes and the night sets in, create the ideal setting and mood for your bath with one of the COPPER+CRANE scented candles. Each fragrance takes you on a transcendent journey where you’ll connect with some of the most exotic locations and ingredients around the world. Whether you’ve embraced the path well-traveled, or simply enjoyed journeys within, the scents will bring a balance of discovery and tranquility. With the COPPER+CRANE Spa Bar, the bath experience is elevated to luxurious indulgence. Expertly crafted to be rich and creamy, the bar is also infused with precious rose hip extract, one of nature’s remarkable gifts due to its ability to restore and nurture the skin. 

After your bath, give generously to your skin with the deep moisturizing powers of the Melting Body Soufflé. Your skin absorbs the nutrients and locks in the moisture all night which will help protect you the next day from the harshness of the external conditions. Imagine a cold winter’s day, knowing that you nourished and sheltered your skin beginning the night before. 

Relief from any remaining tension can be targeted with a brief self-massage. If you’re looking to zero in on one goal, Chinese massage ritual for centuries has included kneading the temples and scalp to gain a peaceful mental state before sleep. The luxuriously rich COPPER+CRANE Satin Body Nectar can help promote healthy looking skin at every pressure point with its cocktail of silkening squalene and antioxidant superfruits. 

Many who search for the path to beauty and tranquility have identified those final moments of the day as the perfect opportunity to delicately show your skin one last loving touch. The exquisitely refreshing COPPER+CRANE Hydrating Dew Mist is supremely gentle and features fruit extracts for an antioxidant cocktail that protects your skin’s vitality. A mist or two offers just the right tender touch as you pass through the spiritual door of meditation. Few healing experiences throughout human history connect people around the world the way meditation has. You can find examples of meditative practices and rituals across cultures, continents, and millennia. Sleep is close. With meditation, so is a state of positivity, tranquility and contentedness.