The Festival Of Colors


Day 1
With the arrival of Spring, we celebrate renewal and the return of the vibrant colors that bring energy to our lives. In India and Nepal, the arrival of Spring is celebrated with Holi, the Festival of Color, two days of Hindu devotion to love and spirituality capped off by a celebration that is truly a tied-dyed technicolor feast for the eyes.
On the eve of Holi, a bonfire is built to honor the victory of good over evil. In Hindu teachings, Lord Vishnu helps to destroy the demoness Holika in a fire.

Day 2
The next morning, everyone returns to the streets for the Holi celebration. Imagine capturing a rainbow, turning every color into a vibrant powder, and then showering friends and strangers alike with the dust. It is a sight unlike any other.
In the midst of the colorful chaos, there is also an opportunity for romance. It is said the Hindu god Krishna painted his face to match the skin color of his love, Radha. As a tribute to Krishna and Radha, some couples will powder their faces with the same colors or similar designs.

The Power of Color
Color has a powerful influence on all of us. It impacts your thoughts and your mood. It can inspire. It can provoke passion and awareness. At COPPER+CRANE, we see the brilliance of colors in the world as an invitation to explore and discover. We embrace exotic ingredients and historic rituals as guides on our journey to the life well-lived and the path well-traveled.