How To Create A Spa-Like Experience At Home


If you’re as busy and constantly on the move as most of us, then you can relate with how challenging it is to take time out of your schedule for some proper self-care. When 9-to-5 looks more like 7-to-7, it’s basically impossible to break away for an afternoon out at a high-end spa for some revitalization (not to mention the exorbitant price tag).

You deserve some time to yourself to indulge in some personal pampering and relieve a little stress. A magnificent solution to either time or budget concerns, creating an at-home spa experience can do wonders to free you from the burdens of everyday life.

Curating an intimate, private space; finding the perfect soothing melodies; adjusting the flow of light for ultimate relaxation. Each of these elements will go a long way to setting an elegant atmosphere that you will love to disappear in for an hour (or two). But the glue that holds it all together, of course, are luxury spa products! The ideal body polish, an impeccable face mask, these are the details that will ultimately define your spa experience and leave lasting impressions on your body to keep you relaxed through the week.

So with that said, the following paradisiacal suggestions are artisanal, high-end body products that will completely transform your at-home spa experience into a personal retreat of blissful renewal and refreshment.

Every bath and beauty spa experience has to start with the perfect spa bar, so look no further than COPPER+CRANE’s 9.8 ounce Spa Bar. This bar is artisanally-crafted to deliver a full-fledged cleansing experience that is defined by a rich and creamy aura.

The nutrients within the spa bar first work to softly lather your skin, then reveal a graceful, healthy tone across your body. Enriched with highly-regarded botanic oil and rose hip extract, this extravagant conception leaves the skin with a supple, smooth feeling while your senses are left in awe from the exquisite elderberry basil tea bouquet. This is the perfect all-over product high-end spa product to relax your body on its journey to stress release.

COPPER+CRANE Jojoba Body Buff
Now that your body is starting to melt into the full spa experience, it’s time to your body on an exotic journey to a place of near-magical wellness and renewal. The Jojoba Body Buff is undoubtedly a luxury spa product that has been handcrafted at great lengths to revitalize your spirit, body and mind. This remarkably sophisticated scrub uses a detoxifying cocktail of naturally-sourced ingredients blended to make your skin feel fully replenished.

Jojoba is a native shrub of the Sonoran Desert, endemic to the southwestern United States. For generations the foliage was gathered, and later cultivated, by Native American tribes in the region that recognized its versatility and employed its use in a variety of wellness products. Most often it was mixed to form a salve that could be applied to the skin and hair to heal and condition.

Today, skincare specialists devote entire research trips to the most arid regions of the world in order to discover the finest jojoba crop yields for their high-end spa products. Artisans went to great lengths to develop this jojoba-based scrub, perfect for massaging onto wet skin in a circular, sensual motion that will put your body at ease and your mind to rest.

COPPER+CRANE Charcoal Body Polish
To round out your dream spa day in the comfort of your own home, we’ve chosen a charcoal-based polish to naturally purify and freshen your skin. Charcoal and the spa experience go hand-in-hand; dating back thousands of years to the healers of ancient China, charcoal has absorption properties that help deep-clean the pores and remove toxins from the skin. Applied in a similar method as the Jojoba Body Buff, this high-end spa product is an unparalleled, holistic remedy to complete your at-home spa experience.