The Rain + The River


Nestled in a village just a jaunt from Ireland’s east coast, lies the perfect opportunity to enjoy an authentic connection with the Emerald Isle one pour at a time. At a charming distillery along the banks of the meandering River Boyne, travelers can take shelter from the notorious local rains by lounging next to a peat-burning fireplace and delight in a smooth Irish whiskey. The signature warmth and flavor of the amber-colored spirit pairs seamlessly with the charm of the remote setting to quietly and persistently—much like the rain outside—ask visitors to relax and linger…

It is apropos that this whiskey room, with its glowing geniality, has uncovered the secrets over many decades to blending in every sight, sound, and smell and producing an intoxicating effect on visitors; it would seem they come back as much for the experience as the elixir itself. Here, the fresh fruit and butterscotch of the whiskey mix with the woody peat moss smoke and the rhythmic sounds of the softly falling rain to create an exquisite sensorial cocktail that is best when savored slowly. 

Time seems to stand still, and perhaps, turn back with one glance out the window where just across a lush meadow stands an 18th century stone crenelated castle that has hosted kings and, if local lore is to be believed, royal romances that forever shaped the history of Ireland.

For whiskey enthusiasts, this may be the bucolic launch point for an entire Emerald Isle journey to experiencing some of the finest distilleries in the world. Others may realize that these rolling hills fully quench the thirst for the journey and that the riches of the River Boyne can be more than enough for connoisseurs of the life well-lived.