Luxury Bath Products

Immerse yourself in moments of splendor

Imagine a private sanctuary where all the senses are generously stimulated and delicately gratified. Welcome to the luxury bath products of COPPER+CRANE™—where you are invited to bask in a rare collection of nature’s finest ingredients and fragrances as you discover what it truly means to feel cleansed and refreshed.

Let the day soak away as you relax with our luxurious COPPER+CRANE bath products. It only takes a small amount of the Shimmering Bath Oil to transform a bath into a captivating sensorial experience. Could there be a better way to leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and moisturized? We don’t think so. It wouldn’t be accurate to call the Spa Bar simply a bar of soap. It is so much more. Allow our luxury soap to become a part of your daily beauty regimen for feeling a creamy cleanse that will leave your skin, soft, refreshed and revitalized. Perhaps the best way to put a soothing touch on your spa experience is to indulge in the warming cleansing oil. It can be so soothing on your wet skin that you may even consider using it as a shaving oil. Spoil yourself with Buriti Oil in the Luxury Spa Shampoo. Our Luxury Spa Conditioner starts with Argan Oil and adds Vitamin B. The combination softens and nourishes your hair. As you can see, COPPER+CRANE luxury bath products—including our spa soap, shower cleansing gel, bath cream, and more—create a magnificent spa experience at home.