Make Your Bathroom Your Oasis


Is anything better than a relaxing day away at the spa? The ideal way to unwind and recharge, having your very own spa in the comfort of your own home serving as an oasis tucked away from the stresses and burdens of everyday life may seem like a dream. But it doesn’t have to be. You can make it happen with a bit of care and attention to creating the perfect mood.
It’s impossible to find your zen without considering all five senses when creating the proper stress-free atmosphere. Obviously touch is going to be vital, and proper luxury bath products like spa bars and body scrubs will go a long way towards helping you feel like you’ve reached paradise. Dimming the lights and drawing the shades can help you start to see your oasis, and some soothing music will slow your mind down and draw you in to focus on the beat of your heart.
So what’s left to create a spa experience in your bathroom? To fully achieve a private oasis, you'll want an intoxicating luxury scented candle. The right aromas from a luxury home fragrance will allow you to lay back and relax, take a deep breath, and indulge in the scents of the room. We’re going to look at key luxury bath products, beyond solely skin care, that are designed to fulfill your journey to the oasis.

The COPPER+CRANE Gardens Of Blenheim 9.5 Oz. Candle
A slow burning flame, capable of lasting upwards of 45 hours with tranquil illumination, the Gardens of Blenheim candle will take you on an enchanting trip through the verdant rolling hills of the British countryside. An aroma of blooming dew-kissing roses and wild lilies will pull you away from your bathroom and into the beautifully-landscaped grounds of Blenheim Palace, the extravagant home built in the 18th century for the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.

The COPPER+CRANE Sands Of Atacama 9.5 Oz. Candle
If you imagine your oasis in more of an earthy, nomadic setting, the Sands of Atacama is the ideal aroma for a proper renewal. With multi-textured scents that include notes of warm amber, this candle will lead your imagination on a long walk through the other-worldly Atacama Desert in the northern region of Chile, flowing from the Andes all the way to the Pacific Ocean. An inviting blend that also features bergamot, a fragrant citrus fruit. this luxury home fragrance will lift your spirits and invigorate you.

The COPPER+CRANE Memories Of Majorca 9.5 Oz. Candle
Our final luxury scented candle, the Memories of Majorca blends an alluring combination of sun-ripened figs, sugary musk and melons to elicit remembrance of a light sea breeze whispering on the shores of the largest of the Balearic Islands off the Spanish coast. This luxury home fragrance uses key scents to evoke the tastes of tapas at an evening social, of long walks with your loved one through the lively streets of Palma as Majorca-inspired Chopin sets the mood. For a cultured oasis at one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, the Memories of Majorca candle will lead you to your wonderland.

The COPPER+CRANE Bath Tissue 6 Pack
We said we’d look beyond just skin care for your at-home oasis, right? The plush, comfortable COPPER+CRANE bath tissue is the perfect luxury bath product to add a final touch to your pampering. Trust us, these aren’t your average tissues. The ultra-plush 4-ply tissue won’t ruffle the work you put in to your personal relaxation. Meticulously designed and curated with a touch of elegance, this beautiful package of pristine white bath tissue will add a high level of comfort to top off your personal cleansing routine and complete your bathroom sanctuary.