Meditation’s Path Through Mind, Body, + Spirit


The ancient practice of meditation helps us cherish every moment through a bounty of positive benefits for the mind, body and spirit—often guiding us towards greater spiritual harmony with our surroundings. As its many practitioners over the centuries have discovered, meditation can help cleanse our thoughts and feelings while carrying us on a journey to greater sensorial heights. Join us as we explore a simple path of mindful awareness we hope will inspire a meditative ritual in your own home and life. 

The benefits of meditation can include both physical and spiritual dimensions. Some have testified to discovering an ability to limit pain, while others find a new peace in managing and controlling unpleasant emotions. Studies have shown that one can reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia. Interestingly, meditation is connected to improved compassion, empathy and the ability to unlock self-realizations you never thought possible. Consider that there’s some evidence that the very act of meditation may redirect blood flow to the part of our brain that elicits a relaxed state where our body slows down and we conserve energy rather than spark our “flight or flee” response to the world.

Although its primary use is for perfume, bergamot also has a rich history of use in folk medicine. It’s been said that the citrus will decrease anxiety while also increasing mental alertness when used in aromatherapy. The scent is also believed by some to relieve tension, relax muscle spasms, and improve digestion. When traveling through the south of Italy, one can experience the full splendor of Calabria’s golden bergamot groves firsthand with a short stay at a local bed and breakfast in the area—one of many ways to enjoy the rustic scenery and abundant orchards dotting the landscape.