Spa Gift Basket Ideas For Mother's Day


Being a mother requires a virtually endless stream of compassion and duty. At different times, a mother takes on the roles of protector, disciplinarian, and friend to ensure the security and growth of her family. Nurturing body, mind and spirit isn’t just important for a mother to give to a son or daughter; it’s equally important for a woman to find that fulfillment herself. There are mothers everywhere in your life who are working tirelessly to provide. Mother’s Day is the one day—though certainly more are deserved--to give back to the mothers in your life. Whether it be your sister, your grandmother, your colleague or your own mother, bestowing the gift of relaxation can be the perfect gift to revitalize the spirit. 
If you’re looking to show how much you care and appreciate everything your mother does, or if you’re a mother yourself and just want to pamper the other ladies in your life, a high-end spa gift basket can add some well-deserved opulence to a mom’s life. Here are some wonderful spa gift basket ideas that will help you win Mother’s Day… 

Luxury Hair Spa Gift Set
For an indulgence in hair nourishment and vitality, the Luxury Hair Spa Gift Set by COPPER+CRANE is a spa gift basket with two luxury spa products that will give your mother’s hair some justified care. The first item in this basket is the COPPER+CRANE Luxury Spa Shampoo. This absolutely extravagant shampoo is rich in Vitamin B and fortified with Buriti Oil (derived from the exotic moriche palm tree), which is generally recognized as an excellent ingredient for maximizing your hair’s potential. With the right touch of vanilla and musk, this luxury shampoo will leave her hair feeling heavenly. The other item included in the spa gift basket is the COPPER+CRANE Luxury Spa Conditioner. A natural pairing with the Luxury Spa Shampoo, this luxury conditioner features an array of nourishing ingredients headlined by argan oil and Vitamin B. Both the luxury shampoo and conditioner in the gift set are hypoallergenic and free of paraben and sulfates, ideal for mothers out there with extra sensitivity. Both products are also made in an environment without animal testing, so the mothers in your life can rest easy as they soak in a long bath.

Spa Collection Gift Set
The Spa Collection Gift Set by COPPER+CRANE is the ideal way to revitalize the body, mind and spirit. The highest of high-end spa gift baskets, this spa gift set features five different luxury spa products matched together for unparalleled rejuvenation. The Warming & Cleansing Body Oil is a cleanser designed to take you away on a spa journey to the most remote areas of Inner Mongolia where the cultivation of Goji is more than just commercialized farming, it’s a celebrated harvest ritual. Other luxury skincare products included are the Melting Body Soufflé, Charcoal Body Polish and Shimmering Bath Oil Soak, each complimenting the skin to naturally detoxify and purify the skin and leave a lasting smooth and hydrated feel. The collection is topped off with a peel-off, nutrient-fortified Radiance Mask, a spa ritual must-have that is infused with an alluring scent of orchids that have inspired wellness since the times of ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Aztec. 
The set also features two complimentary gifts. Included is the Gardens of Blenheim Scented Candle, featuring a perfect aromatic pairing of dew-kissed roses and fresh-picked wild lilacs. The other extra is an attractive COPPER+CRANE Everyday Spa Bag.