The Intoxicating Allure Of Rosa Mosqueta


In the remote regions of Spain, Argentina and Chile near the Andes Mountains, the elusive Rosa Mosqueta, or rose hip, thrives in abundance. Treasured for its skin nurturing qualities, the lush beauty of the plant is a staple in beauty rituals around the globe. With its signature reddish-orange exterior, the seductive rose hip exudes an exotic quality that is at once sublime and mystical. The vibrant fruit is harvested only every three months and after it’s dried and separated from the seeds, the oil is cold-pressed and prepared—a necessary process that is both delicate and painstaking. And yet, for its many believers, it’s a journey that’s well worth the wait and effort.

Containing more than fifty times the vitamins of a common citrus fruit, the highly potent seed of the rose hip has been a cherished cultivar of herbalists for more than five centuries in Europe, South Africa and Asia along with its favored Andes harvest locale, due to the region’s cooler temperatures. Packed with nurturing properties, the delicate rose hip bloom is rich in essential omegas, vitamins and antioxidants—all vital to the finest beauty ritual treatments to help restore your skin’s lovely velvety appearance. Likewise, the rose hip fruit is a plentiful source of vitamin A, which also regenerates collagen and helps return skin to a lovely, velvety condition.

Essential to beauty ritual treatments, the simple act of hydration is something that can often be overlooked. But its importance only grows more critical as we age. Rose hip oil provides a welcome source of natural hydration that helps to restore the delicate balance of water and fatty acids to help improve your skin’s natural healthy radiance. Not only can it restore, this natural wonder can also act to ultimately help fight against dry or damaged skin. As skin naturally loses its elasticity, this added healing hydration may even provide a reduced appearance of stretch marks caused when skin tears. With few things more magical than nature’s fundamental role in preserving youth, the tiny rose hip buds remind us that beauty can spring eternal with a helping hand from Mother Nature.