Luxury Candles

Scents of harmony, spirit of discovery

Luxury high-end candles from the makers of COPPER+CRANE can create the perfect ambiance at home. Each of our scented luxury candles takes you on a different meditative journey around the world. Sands of Atacama transports you to Chile to view one of the most stunning desert vistas in the world. This luxury scented candle brings together worn leather with a note of tobacco blended with bergamot and warm amber. Much like a beautiful getaway that inspires its name, Riviera del Sol luxury candle offers a sweet, floral mix of creamy vanilla, lily and rose. Your wanderlust can also take you to the Portuguese coast. The Cascais Sunrise luxury candle offers a hint of jasmine with an undertone of musk. Explore the mysteries and beauty of North Africa with our Tunisian Reverie scented luxury candle. It blends aromas into an exquisitely smooth and exotic bouquet. Fresh fruit, figs and a sugary musk beguile you with the Memories of Majorca scented luxury candle. Take a deep breath and bask in the waterfront fragrance of Stars Over Lecco. This gorgeous aroma blends sea salt, lavender and orange flower. Or, you can picture yourself wandering on a British manor and stopping at each flower to appreciate its beauty and fragrance. The Gardens of Blenheim luxury candle smells like a fresh cut rose from a dewy garden. COPPER+CRANE also will soon offer luxury diffusers that will envelop your home spa with a full-bodied bouquet of uplifting floral notes. The rich scents from our luxury home fragrances will invigorate the senses.