Spa Favorites

Refresh and renew mind, body and spirit

Drawing from the most essential lessons of beauty and tranquility handed down for millennia, our artisans have created an enchanting array of COPPER+CRANE™ bath indulgences that bring the spa home to you. We invite you to create a blissful retreat where the mind, body, and spirit are eternally refreshed and renewed.

You’ve found the destination for the luxury spa products--favorites you need to turn your personal care into a perfect oasis. The COPPER+CRANE line of bath and body products is unparalleled. Our Spa Bar and cleansing gel nourish and revitalize your appearance to create a wonderful luxury bath experience. We also offer chemical and mechanical exfoliants like Jojoba Body Buff that can deliver a sense of feeling refreshed. Our collection of skin care products helps evoke a sensation that you are cleansing and nourishing your skin from head to toe. Just imagine how close you are to feeling renewed, refined and radiant.