Spa With Your BFF


Life is made up of small moments. When we sprinkle those moments with love, joy, and togetherness, they become "precious memories". The canvas of life glows with different colors that each person in our lives bring, and one of the most precious hues come from your "best friend" who adds a tint to your life you never thought you had in your palette.

Enjoying time with your best friend is always relaxing and rejuvenating as you two are bonded by mutual fondness and unconditional support for each other. It may be hard to plan such time in the routine of life, but planning a beach getaway with your best friend can do wonders to your Mind + Body + Spirit, and should be on your list of weekend getaways.

Plan for "unplanned" time - no schedules! Make memories of walking together in the wide expands of the shoreline to pour your enthusiastic unbridled thoughts to each other. Do not mind getting interrupted by a spontaneous urge to chase back a wave that almost tried to tag you, make art with your bare feet in the sand, and savor the sights of waves playing with the sand.

There is some magic in the company of your best friend - you can step back into your childhood, eat the vanilla ice cream cone from the beach vendor as if it’s “truffle de la tiramisu”, rattle off your unending stories, share your dreams & fears, and it’s all ok to be “just you”. Back after a long day at the beach, it’s an opportunity to create a Facial Radiance Ritual that suits the both of you.

If you’re both interested in replenishing your skin, discover the rich-textured, mineral-fortified Radiance Mask—with its intoxicating scents of orchids. Apply it gently all over the face and feel the gentle calmness instantly. After application, as the peel-off face mask dries, use that time to look out at the ocean and absorb the beauty of the radiant glow of the sun on the ripples. This soothing mask is fortified with botanical like white horehound extracts and vital minerals to support optimal skin health and gently lifts away impurities from the skin. Also, it’s a perfect time for the two friends to snap a picture together and post it to your social media group. It is bound to create some ripples in your social group with the beautiful deep rich colors of the Radiance Mask like the colors of the sunset. Once dry, peel off the mask to reveal a radiant skin illuminated from within.

The COPPER+CRANE Radiating Serum quenches the skin’s thirst for hydration. This product is infused with a medley of botanical to leave the skin nourished, revitalized, and protected from the environmental stressors, while also filling the air with the captivating aroma of floral amber and transporting you to a “secret garden” by the sea.

A wonderful touch of hydration for your face and neck is the Hydrating Dew Mist fortified with antioxidant protection. Don’t forget to carry it along with you for an instant burst of refreshment and hydration anytime.

With any of these products that are in one of our popular spa gifts sets, the Facial Radiance Gift Set, you are all set to go out for another day of adventure with the sea, sand, and ocean breeze, and to take more pictures. Your face will be radiating from within, and your spirit renewed by the company of a true friend.