Three Perspectives On The Nature Of Beauty


As every woman knows, the beauty ritual we each embark upon is a personal endeavor characterized by our own definition of grace and beauty. Our journey today takes us to three distinct locations around the world whose unique cultural practices not only shed light on the very nature of beauty itself, but also serve as a welcome guide for achieving the perfect ritual of your own design.

Throughout Peru, mineral-rich salt is an important element in bathing routines for its native people. Often derived from the coastal salt ponds of Maras first mined by Incas many years ago, this bathing essential is used in a number of sensual salt scrubs—providing a mineral-rich treatment in its purest form for skin that appears both smooth and radiant thereafter. Since the bustling village markets all throughout Peru supply a fabulous array of botanical oils, nuts and sea salts, these destinations have no shortage of beauty inspiration for both locals and visitors—providing a vast wealth of unusual ingredients and practices that travelers can adapt into their own skin care and body care rituals.

Since ancient times, Greeks have explored a wide variety of ingredients in their ongoing quest for idyllic beauty. To this day, the divine goddess Aphrodite still remains a powerful symbol of beauty for Greeks and women everywhere. With a preference for lighter complexions and rosy cheeks, some native women use chalk powder and blush derived from local, organic crushed mulberries, while others have turned to a mixture of oils and charcoals to achieve a more striking appearance with darker eyeshadow and lip stains. Of course, another quintessential element of Grecian beauty comes from the sacred olive tree, which some say originated here. For centuries, women have cherished the innumerable benefits for which the olive is known—including skin hydration, sun damage reduction and a wealth of anti-aging properties.

Known for its many stylish luxuries, Egypt is also a veritable treasure trove of exotic beauty rituals. To this day, Egypt’s last ruler, the enigmatic Cleopatra, remains an iconic symbol of beauty, style and sensuality. The secrets of her past include anti-aging routines using salt scrubs derived from the Dead Sea, moringa oils and host of other moisturizing elements which Egyptian women still incorporate into their daily rituals. Honey, milk, aloe vera and a plethora of centuries-old aromatic oils and fragrances remain elemental characters in Egypt’s romantic beauty story that still resonate to this day.

Regardless of where we find ourselves in the world through our various journeys and travels, one thing remains true in every global locale—with an open mind and a desire to learn, there is always a rich opportunity to refresh, renew and revitalize our mind, body and spirit at each destination along the way.