3 Cities + 3 Paths To The Heart


Vilnius is a fascinating marriage of old and new. For couples yearning to bask in the Baroque architecture, a romantic stroll in the Old Town along cobblestone streets and alleyways can be like a walk through time. While Cathedral Square has a deeply religious history, it has now evolved into a fascinating modern plaza where peoplewatching can be as entertaining as a visit to the cathedral is illuminating. There is no street in all of the Baltics that speaks more directly to the heart than Literatu Gatvé.. literally Writer’s Street.. an avenue devoted to famous Lithuanian writers.

The birthplace of tango, Buenos Aires radiates passion. The magic of the city never stops—from its modern art to its classic cafés. A feast for the mind and the soul, MALBA--the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires--has a remarkable permanent collection that truly tells the history of Latin American art in vivid technicolor. For those seeking a serene connection both with a partner and the surrounds, the bustling city has three remarkable gardens—Jardín Botánico, Rosedal and Jardín Japonés—each glorious and unique for its glimpse of natural beauty.

The bloom of cherry blossoms in Kyoto is a sight of such overwhelming beauty that travelers come from all over the world each spring to fall in love with the delicate flowers. It inspires a romance for a city that can also offer a transcendent connection to peace and serenity with its array of beautiful Buddhist temples. So many combine exquisite architecture with gardens manicured to perfection that it feels unfair to mention just one. But the most famous may be Kinkaku-ji Temple with its top floors covered in gold. For many visitors to the area, the ultimate Valentine is a romantic train through picturesque countryside. Whether there to view the cherry blossoms in spring, the fall foliage, or the snow-covered winter landscapes, it is an unforgettable voyage that will make the heart swell.

There is no single city that owns the secret to sharing the path well-traveled with someone you love. Instead, discovering that the beauty of the world is everywhere you look is indeed a sign you’re enjoying the life well-lived.