A Sacred Climb Guided By Stars


Imagine a night sky with a million starry lights -- a periscope into the Milky Way, a journey of a million stars each spectacular in its brilliance and amazing as a creation. Memories of a visit to Uluru, the heart of Australia, under the night sky test the passage of time. Pictures in the mind of what guided local indigenous people for centuries are as clear and precise as if one was there today.

This is a land of paradox and discoveries -- the red earth in the day is as warm and rich as is the night cold and desolate. Sparsely inhabited by humans, the land of dingoes and lizards…and peculiar creatures like the marsupial mole and rufous-hare wallaby…is alive in a million different ways and an alluring place to enjoy both moments of tranquility and the adrenaline rush of an adventure.

Uluru, a sacred spot for the indigenous people of the area, is a place rich in ritualism. The land abounds in epic stories retold in ancient rock paintings. The symbiotic relationship between all creatures has cultivated a mythology passed through time and shared by the locals. With its mineral-rich red earth and abundance of natural springs, this desert offers a fascinating destination for those seeking mud-enhanced spa treatments. It is said that a mud spa and jump into the local watering hole is as therapeutic as Baden-Baden—yet entirely different and unexpected.

It's a long way to go to spa... but the memory lingers and the longing endures. They say the memories that last are the ones that have had a life-defining impact. Maybe. On the other hand, the products Uluru inspires are even more experiential and bring promise to recreating something at home inspired by those transcendent memories.