Symphony For The City Of Music


Classical music aficionados will tell you that only one city can capture the majestic beauty of Mozart as it was meant to be experienced—none other than Vienna itself, where the spirit of Amadeus still haunts Europe’s definitive “City of Music.” To truly experience why Mozart pairs perfectly with Vienna’s grandeur, one need only follow a carefully curated musical path in three key movements…

Situated in the heart of the city, the Wiener Staatsoper is a lavish building that boasts an intricately designed façade—a beautiful mark on the landscape that frequently pays tribute to the opulence of Mozart’s elaborate operas. And to be certain, experiencing the magic of Mozart’s Le Nozze Di Figaro surrounded by the grandeur of the Renaissance Revival architecture makes for an unforgettable moment in the adopted home of Herr Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Musikverein is considered by many to be the greatest concert venue in the world—an architectural beauty superseded only by its acoustic excellence. The crown jewel of the music world in its day, it was designed hewing to classical ideals with the express purpose of showcasing works of the Classical period. As one concert attendee noted: “If it were possible to imagine Mozart’s great Jupiter Symphony constructed as concrete, visible architectural forms, the Musikverein’s new concert hall would provide a vision to match this.” Today, the beautiful building is home to The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and a perfect location for experiencing the famous Molto Allegro of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor. 

One of the better kept secrets in Vienna that will satisfy the purest of Mozart lovers is the string quartet that echoes off the ancient crypt walls of St. Peter’s Church in the Graben square. The beautiful baroque ambiance of St. Peter’s is a lovely treat to gaze upon, but beneath the traditional Viennese splendor, a living and breathing beauty lies in wait for all who quietly listen. The unadorned crypt is occupied regularly by two violins, a cello, and a double bass, taking visitors on a symphonic journey through Mozart’s melodies surrounded by pitch-perfect acoustics. In this intimate setting, guests are invited to fully immerse themselves in the bright and spirited strokes of an essential Mozart classic. 

When walking through Vienna’s historic locales, it’s easy to feel the city’s appreciation for their favorite son’s soaring operas, symphonies and requiems—all among the greatest works of art to come out of Vienna during the 18th century and all still on display for music-lovers from around the world to enjoy.